How to Get More Conversions from your Website?

Every company or even individuals who are blogging have their website set before jumping into any sort of business. A website is developed, optimized for search engine, advertisements are run, discounts are given and yet no Conversions. This sounds like a serious problem specifically when your competitor is earning all their profits from their websites. What could be wrong?

  1. The UI of your website is not user-friendly. You are getting good traffic to your website but the viewers are not able to find out what they are looking for on your website and so they drift away.
  2. Navigation is confusing the viewers and they do not land on the final conversion page.
  3. The content that you are sharing on your website has a problem which means that the content is not engaging enough and your end audience is not able to relate with it.
  4. Your online credibility is not very strong when we compare your website to you’re the ones of your competitors.

Apart from this there could be many other reasons which must be leading into less or no conversions on your website.

So how can you rectify the faults and get more Sales and conversion through your website?

User Interface needs to be user friendly

Make sure that your website must have a very sleek and professional design so that your viewers are easily able to find out what they are looking for. Today with the number of options available online no user will spend hours on your website trying to find out what you want to sell. They will land on your website. Look around and if they  don’t find out what they are looking for they will move on. This is how you are losing your audience.

Online Credibility

You must have a good number of followers on social media platform which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. Regularly interact with your audience so that they gain a trust on your services.

Content must mention – Why should you Buy?

This definitely does not mean that you add a new paragraph in your existing content stating why you should buy from them. But it should be molded in a way that the problem of the viewers is stated along with the solution that you provide. This is a very important part of the content where you try to differentiate your products from the ones of your competitors. While writing these points you must also ensure that everything you write could be done by your product. You can fool a customer only once and you lose him then and there. Therefore write what is genuinely true about your product.

CTA must be clearly visible

Suppose everything on your website is great. It has a good UI, good content and still people are not buying from you. Why? One of the reasons can be that your Call to Action button is not clearly visible.  Give your viewers an option of taking action on that particular page.  A page which has a clearly defined CTA has better chances of getting conversions.

Loading Time

This is a very important factor when it comes to getting an online conversion. The loading time of your website must be less.  People don’t tend to spend their valuable time on websites with high loading time.

Mobile friendly

Your website is perfect with all the pieces falling in place. But your end customer visited your URL on Mobile devices. Boom, you lose a client there because your website is not responsive. At this growing age of mobiles and mobile marketing if your website is not mobile friendly, you are looking a good traffic and good number of prospect customers.

Microsite Marketing

Create some dedicated microsites for your best product or your service which has all information related to it. This is important because it will prevent the targeted audience to get distracted and move to other tabs on your website. Here you need to make sure that the CTA is clearly visible to the visitor and the landing page must have the ability to solve all the questions which the viewer might have in his mind.

Overall design of the page

Here you need to make sure that the images that you are using on the landing page or your website must be catchy, professional and must relate to the content that you are sharing. In case you are showcasing a product make sure that it is not blurry. Images should be very clear somehow it add up to the confidence of the visitors. Also while selecting the color of your website make sure that you don’t make use of overly flashy neon colors. Keep it smooth and gentle. This has a huge impact on the psychology of the viewers.

Reviews and Ratings

You praising your product will not make your product great. But a customer of your speaking about how good your product is will have a great impact on other buyers. According to a study before making a purchase decision people will check out the reviews and ratings that the product has received. The more the ratings the more confident people get about buying a product. Also when a friend or family recommends a product to them via social media there are more chances that it will get converted. So try to get more positive words about your product and services to get more conversions.

Length of Microsite

The microsite that you design for the purpose of marketing must not be like a never ending story. Keep a respectable length with all to the point information about what you are selling.

One fit for all

Have different landing pages for different audience. For e.g. You want to sell your Predictive Analytic Software. Segment your target audience. In this case it will be Automotive OEM’s and BFSI sector. Now you need to create different landing page for the two different audience s mentioned above. Though both are having the same requirement but how both sectors will benefit from it will be different. Show them that picture. One fit for all never works in Marketing.



Getting conversions on websites is not tough if right points are implemented and regular monitoring is done.


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