Link Building for Boosting your Organic Rankings

Link building has always been considered to have a huge impact on the ranking of the website. Before starting with SEO you need to get a detailed understanding of which link building activities will have a positive impact on ranking and which activities will deteriorate your ranking in the long and short term. If we speak of the early years of link building it was quite different to what we are doing today. At that time it was more of a number game and quality was not something of concern.

Google could easily make out how paid activities and black hat SEO was making sites on top in comparison to the website who did the honest work. To give a pleasant experience to its users Google came up with a few update like Pana, Penguin and more which stressed on quality content and link building.  Even today many people are actively participating in Black hat link building.  If you are doing any of the below-mentioned tasks, you are a part of that group and you must immediately switch to the ethical link building which I will discuss later in the blog.

Directory Submission

If you are submitting your website to the directories be cautious of the end result. Directories will definitely provide you any opportunity but in turn, help you in black ranking your website in Google.

Guest Blogging and Article submission of poor quality

If you are posting an article as a guest blogger and you do not provide value to your readers, you will definitely be doomed by the Google updates.  This is quite obvious that when you are writing an article it is for viewers. They are looking for an information and you as a blogger have a responsibility of providing the best and aggregated information about t your article so that they don’t go clueless from your website to some other informative website.  If you really want to guest blog, write down a few high information articles and share it with your audience. Once you get a good number of share and interaction on your article move next to guest blogging. Here again, you need to maintain the standards and quality of your posts.

SPAM commenting

As a genuine information provider, you must never post a SPAM comment on any blog. This will not only tarnish your reputation but even Google with penalizing you for this activity. If you like some article share a genuine comment so that even the writer feels inspired and someday he even might share a comment on your post boosting your morale.

Paid link building

There are many websites who will share with you paid links. Don’t buy them. These activities are a part of Blackhat SEO and will definitely have an adverse impact on your website ranking in both Google and Bing.

These are a few tasks which you should never do for link building purpose.  So what should I be doing that will fetch me good links and will improve the rankings of my website on Google.

Here is a List of What you should do when it comes to Link Building?

Link Building

Guest blogs

Right down highly detailed guest blogs which are unique, full of relevant and useful information for readers. When you are writing a detailed fully researched article and guest blog it on other websites, you will also be able to get a back link to your website. Readers on that website will further move down to your website. Writing a quality guest blog will help you in getting a back link, it will get you a traffic to your website and most importantly it will help you in building and maintaining a relationship with other bloggers. Relationship building is very important in both the cases whether you are an individual blogger or an industry.

Guest Blogging is for best for you

Interaction with an online community

There are many online communities where you can make your presence felt by making use of content writing. Participate in a discussion in the forums, answer the queries in a more detailed format so that you get a follower list. Once you have a good number of followers you can anytime share your content with them and they will for sure move to your website to read more.

High-Quality Content

This is the deciding factor if your content will be read or not. If you are writing short articles and not sharing detailed information with your viewers they will not come back to your website to look for more. Before you are writing anything check out the trending topics and accordingly plan out what you want to write and how you are going to start with? Once you write a quality content people will come to you for more information. They will not only read your article but if they find it important they will share it too. This will give an extra bunch of traffic. All this starts with a fully researched quality content so make sure that you create an impact with your content.

How to write SEO friendly Content?

Content based on Consumer Buying Cycle Stages

Video Submission

Today most of the people want the content to be displayed in the video format.  If you are a vlogger or you have a video content make sure to add your link on such media. When you are putting your video on a certain platform add the link to your website there so that people who want to dig in deep can come to your website and explore.

User Ratings

Add ratings and Reviews on websites like reseller ratings, yahoo shopping, epinions and more. Also, request your customers and clients to do the same. This will help you with link building.

Submit Press Releases

Write down a press release related to any useful information that you want your audience to be aware of. Once it is written submit those press releases in different PR distribution websites will help you in building quality links.

Infographic submission

I am a huge fan of infographics. If you create a lot of them try submitting them to the infographic submission websites like Cool infographics, submit infographics, visual loop, fast company, and many others.

Company and blog Directories

There are many company directories where you must submit your website for a quality link building like Manta. Similarly, there are many blog directories where individuals must submit their blogs for a better link building.


If you are into a B2B sector, microsites will not only help you in link building but you can also make use of these sites for the paid campaigns.


Link building is very important for the ranking of your website if done properly and in ethical ways. The above-mentioned strategies will help you in generating good backlinks to your websites.


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