How to Run a Paid Advertisements which gets more Conversions?

Paid Advertisements is no longer an alien word to the companies. Many firms and individual bloggers are running online paid ads to meet their marketing objectives. The platform used for the Paid search is same either AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. So what is the differentiating factor which makes one advertisement more famous and gets more conversions than the other?

The process of running ads remains same where you have to predefine a few keywords and ad copy, budget, timeline and targeting insights. Still, there is something extra which is needed to make you stand out from the crowd.  What is it? Yes, personalization. Initially, personalization was not taken much seriously. It was all about budget. Therefore big companies with huge budget were able to leave their mark. These companies have a good amount of money to spend on their paid advertisement. So a mediocre ad copy backed up with the good budget made them stand out in a race to the top in SERP’s.

But steadily the trends are changing. As more and more companies have started investing in the AdWords and other paid search platforms. It is no more about having a good budget. It is all about personalization.  The online landscape is completely flooded with the banner and other forms of advertisement. The number has increased to such a level that today people tend to ignore ads. Banner blindness is another issue that is being faced by the marketer today. In such times you need to pay more attention to maintaining a relationship with your audience via your ads. Your target audience will click on your ad if they are able to relate with the ad copy that you have shared. Once they click on your ad, the landing page should have the capability to maintain the rhythm and get a conversion.

Why should we add personalization to our online ads?

Our target audience is changing with every day. Their needs and expectations from the companies that they are dealing with are completely changing. Because information has become such an easy access with the growth of the internet and mobile technologies. They want more than plain information. They want to know what type of experience did your other customer had with your product. They want to know if you are sharing any discount and more.  Adding personalization to your ad copy and images will help you in getting their attention. This is possible only if you get into their shoes and understand they are not here to get an enlightenment about your product. But they are here to know how it can be of help to them. So focus more on what your customer want and then give them that.

Banner Blindness

With the increasing banner blindness issue, it becomes important for us as a marketer to grab their attention towards the product that we are publishing. So how do you do that/ you can do this by instigating an emotion through your advertisement. It could be anything from fear or happiness and create an urgency for your product.

Here I would like to quote an example from HDFC Life Insurance for running amazing advertisements for their products. They create an emotion of fear through their ads which help the audience in taking immediate or timely action of buying their policies. Also through their ads, they try to maintain a rapport with their audience by telling them that HDFC Life insurance understands their fear and so they have a product which will help them in overcoming those fears and having a good night. Many studies have indicated that the Click through Rate of personalized advertisements is more in comparison to the ads which are more product focused than customer centric.

How to Overcome Banner Blindness in Digital Advertising?

Second ingredient for Online Paid Ad Success

Though online advertisement has taken over the traditional forms of marketing. But still, it has not completed eradicated it. Traditional forms of advertisements like brochures, billboards etc. are equally important. There for as a marketer, you need to make sure that there is an alignment between your offline and online marketing. One small trick that you can apply is that while your advertisements are airing on TV or radio, at the same time run your online paid ads.

Tools used for writing more personalized ad copy.

I personally make use of many online tools for social listening like Google trends and more. But my favorites are Hashtags and Answer the public.  You will have to add a suggested keyword in the search bar and left it to the website. This website will come back to you with an abundant information about different titles which people are using in their conversation which is related to the keywords that you have entered. Along with this tool, you can also make use of the hashtags. Keep yourself updated with the latest and the most trending hashtags related to your services. These tools will help you in social listening after which you can make use of the information accumulated to write a personalized ad copy which grabs the attention of the viewers.

Learn Basic SEM in less than 15 minutes.


Running online advertisements is getting more and more competitive. To stay in the race and to get more conversions you need to make sure that the ads that you are running are more personalized in nature. Ad copy must include the solutions which the viewers are looking for while searching for your product. Your ad needs to be more focused on the customers, their problems and finally bringing your product as a solution to their problem. An advertisement which is more product based will not be able to give you advertisements a high CTR and of course from less to no conversions to your company. Your audience will be interested in your ad if you show interest in listening to their problem. It is a kind of Give and takes. You give attention to my problem, I buy your product if it does what you say it will do.

Marketing must never feel like selling. This is the mantra that you need to keep in mind while running your online advertisements.


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