How to Increase the Traffic to Your YouTube Channel?

With the increasing number of users, You Tube has definitely become a platform that marketers can not ignore. It is the second most used search engine after Google. You Tube has also changed the way people make money online. People from all the corners of the world are using YouTube  Channel for displaying their talents and skills. This way they are not only helping people in understanding a skill in depth but are also able to monetize these videos. You as a You Tuber can only monetize from your videos when you have a good number of digital traffic watching your videos and interacting with the content.

At times people come up with all new different ideas to create their videos, but they fail to get an audience for their content. Mere posting a video on YouTube will not bring you the audience that you are looking for.

Optimize your Videos

Optimization of the videos is equally important as optimization of the website if you have a channel.Optimization of the videos is required if you want your videos to be visible in the master search engine-Google.

Video Title

Spend a considerate amount of time on deciding the title of your videos. This is the first thing that people will look into before watching your videos. Make sure that you are using the major keywords in the title of your videos. Titles should not be too lengthy. Long titles often looses to generate interest in the readers or viewers. The title that you are mentioning should have the power of attracting the other online users to your videos and make them want to want your video.

Personalised Thumbnails

Thumbnails are equally important in grabbing the attention of the targeted viewers.the thumbnail which is used must be relatable to the content in the video. This will give your viewers a clear indication about what they must expect from the video. If the thumbnail is misleading it might make the viewers drift from your videos and never return again. The different formats in which you can upload the thumbnails are  JPG, GIF and even a PNG. The size of the thumbnail must be below 2 MB. To design your perfect You Tube Video thumbnail you can make use of the tools like YouZign.

Using the Right Video Tags

Video Tags to a large extent  the volume of traffic that your channel will receive. So choose wisely.  Keywords and the brand name can be used as a TAG. Also keep a note of the tags that others are suing for the similar type of content that you are sharing.

You Tube Channel Introduction Video

An introduction video is very important as it will give your audience a clear idea about what the channel is about. It is also known as setting up the expectations of the viewers. Introduction video can be anything from short description about your or your skill to your life story so far which motivated you to start a channel of your own. You Tube Introduction video must be a 5 second clip which help you in branding yourself.

You Tube Outroduction Video

These clips runs at the end of the videos in which you will request your audience to share your video, like it or share comments. You can also request them to subscribe your channel if they are looking for regular updates from you. For this purpose you can make use of tool called Camtasia.

Create a blog today

Every YouTube channel is incomplete if you don’t have a blog. I personally suggest to go with a paid website like WordPress. Incase you have a shortage of funding or are completely new with Blogging you can also try free services like Medium. I have created my blog on WordPress website and the domain is brought from Go Daddy.

Share your content As much you can

You should on a regular basis share your content in the social media platforms. It is very important so that you can get the right audience for your channel. Make use of websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn , Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. These websites come with massive users, so if you are sharing your content on these social platforms there is a probability that people will find and look into your videos. However to make them stick to your video you need to work extra hard and come up with an engaging content.

Note: While sharing your videos on other platforms you should also keep in mind that you are making use of the relevant Hash tags. Hashtags is the way by which your target audience will find you. So find the most related hash tags and include them into your post when you are sharing a content online. On certain platforms like Twitter you can re-share the videos a lot of times. Make sure that there is good gap between the current and the last sharing.

Creating your Video Playlist.

YouTube Video playlist is a way by which you can segregate your videos topic wise. Always add your videos in a certain playlist so that once the viewers finishes watching your videos he can move to the other videos. While creating a playlist too you need to keep in mind that the main keyword find its place in the title of the playlist. A description should be added to the video so that people know where they are and what kind of videos they must expect in this playlist. If one of your topics cover information on two topics you can put that video in the two separate playlist with different topic names

Learn More and Publish Less, Until you Master.

Though publishing videos more often that leads to the final success of the channel. But it is very important to maintain the quality of the videos as it will fetch you more audience. You can learn more about all the how to’s and Why’s of publishing videos in You Tube in their You tube’s creator academy. Learn new things everyday and implement them. Keeping yourself abreast with the latest improvements and additions in YouTube will enable you to modify your content as per the You tube policies and use best practices which will definitely give your channel more visibility and traffic.

Visible Call to Action

Always tell your audience the action that you want them to take after r during watching the videos. It could be anything from liking the videos., to sharing the videos or even subscribing to the channels.


You Tube is a great way by which you can not only share your opinion or demonstrate your skills but will also help you in earning a good amount from monetizing your account. For this purpose you definitely need a good traffic to your channel so that you have an audience for the content that you are sharing. Above mentioned methods will definitely help you in getting good organic traffic to your Channel.

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